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Tifosi Hagen XL 2.0 Distressed Brown Polarized Sunglasses

The larger sibling of the Hagen 2.0, the XL is perfect for those looking for an oversized look and more coverage.

Classic style and a performance background make the Hagen XL 2.0 Polarized an ideal all-around sunglass.

The Tifosi Hagen XL 2.0 sports seamless lines and classic styling.

With a new integrated hinge design, the Hagen retains its timeless silhouette and performance pedigree. Made of Grilamid TR-90, a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage.

Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a no-slip fit. The Hagen XL 2.

0 polycarbonate lenses have glare guard and are optically decentered and provide UV protection from the sun's harmful rays. Tifosi polarized lenses are engineered using a layer of injected polarized material, not simply a polarized coating used by some other manufacturers that can rub off or fade over time.

Lens tints are designed to eliminate glare, enhance color and offer total UV protection. Tifosi Polarized lenses ensure you perform at your best while driving, fishing, catching waves or hitting the slopes.

Sunglasses provide a light transmission of 11.2%.

The Hagen XL 2.0 sunglasses have temple bars measuring 5.

31" (135 mm) with lens dimensions of (H x W) 1.73" x 2.

28" (44 mm x 58 mm), with a bridge width of 0.63" (16 mm).

The Hagen XL 2.0 Sunglasses fit medium, large and extra-large faces and come with a protective case for transport and storage.


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