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Hydrapak Full Force Reservoir - 3L

Although hydration reservoirs are a game changer when it comes to staying hydrated during high-speed activities, they have the design flaw of not being able to use the water in your pack, since you need to suction it out to get a sip of water. You couldn't share water with a thirsty friend or pet for instance, nor could you pump water to rinse dirt off your skin or shoes.

The geniuses at HydraPak listened and answered your prayers- the Full-Force reservoirs do everything regular reservoirs can do, with the added ability to pump water using a squeeze bulb so you can use the water for more than just personal use. Need to cool off?

Pump some water on your neck and shirt. Dog's thirsty?

Pump some water into his bowl next time you take a break. The Full-Force has a double-wide thermoplastic material for ruggedness, and like other HydraPak reservoirs, is completely reversible for easy cleaning.


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